Benefiting from the DOMAINE appellation, which is even more restrictive than that of the controlled designation of origin, our wines are the result of the marriage of the terroirs and the grape varieties of our vines.
On all occasions, for an aperitif or a meal, from appetizer to dessert, you are sure to find the right wine in our product range.

Chasselas Tartegnin and Mont-sur-Rolle

Variety : Chasselas

Description : Fruity wine, floral, hints of citrus or of linden flowers.

Recommended : With sea fishes and cheese. It’s the perfect wine for an aperitif.

Keeps : 2 to 3 years, but can be keeped more than 6 six years and will develop other interesting aromas.

Price:   75cl  CHF  11.50     50cl  CHF  8.-

Impromptu – mix

Varieties : Chasselas and Pinot blanc

Description : Delicacy of  white flowers and minerality aromas. In the mouth, great freshness mixing liveliness and good length, salted notes inherited from the Pinot Blanc.

Recommended : For aperitif, with starters and especially with sea fishes.

Keeps : 2 to 3 years, but can be keeped more than 6 six years and will develop other interesting aromas.

Price:   75cl  CHF  14.-     50cl  CHF  10.-


Variety : Kerner

Description : Aromas of mango, exotic fruits and spices. In the palate, the freshness of the lemon notes goes with an unctuous final.

Recommended : As an aperitif, with sushi or spicy oriental meals, or with blue cheese.

Keeps : 2 to 4 years.

Price:      50cl   CHF  16.50


Variety : Pinot Blanc

Description : Fine and lemony bouquet. Broad on the palate with salted notes. Good balance between acidity and roundness.

Recommended : For aperitif or with sea fishes, raw vegetables or terrines.

Keeps : 1 to 6 years.

Price:   75cl  CHF  15.-     50cl  CHF  11.-


Variety : Viognier

Description : To the bouquet and on the palate, aromas typified of peach and apricot combined to those of a partial breeding in oak barrel. Dry wine, the natural liveliness of the variety is counterbalanced by the smoothness of the winemaking on dregs.

Recommended : With sea fishes or shellfishes. Goes perfectly with fruit or chocolate desserts.

Keeps : 2 to 4 years.

Price:   75cl  CHF  18.50     50cl  CHF  14.-


Variety : Gamay

Description : Fresh and fruity. Bouquet of red berries.

Recommended : Perfect for aperitif. Goes marvelously well with all summer meals, asian cooking or shellfish and seafood dishes.

Keeps : 1 to 2 years.

Price:   75cl  CHF  11.50     50cl  CHF  8.-


Variety : Gamay

Description : Ruby dress. Bouquet characterised by red berries with spicy hints. Fruity and soft tannins.

Recommended : With poultry or white meats. For summer meals or fine dishes. Can also be served chilled as an aperitif.

Keeps : 2 to 5 years.

Price:   75cl  CHF  11.50     50cl  CHF  8.-

Pinot Noir

Variety : Pinot Noir

Description : Fruity nose and typified by raspberry and red berries. Smooth tannins are balanced nicely with assertive but not aggressive fruits.

Recommended : Goes well with grilled red or white meats and a great variety of dishes.

Keeps : 5 to 10 years.

Price:   75cl  CHF  14.-     50cl  CHF  10.-

Oratorio – mix

Varieties : Gamaret et Garanoir

Description : Dark and purple dress. Fruity nose of cherry and red berries. Slightly acid in the mouth, fruity and complex, silky tannins.

Recommended : Goes well with grilled or in sauce red meats and cheese.

Keeps : 5 to 10 years.

Price:   75cl  CHF  16.50     50cl  CHF  12.50


Variety : Gamaret

Description : Dark and deep dress. Complex bouquet with a slight taste of vanilla, toasted and fruity like black cherry or blackcurrant. Aged in oak barrels, it is dense in the mouth and pleasant and round on the palate.

Recommended : Typified dishes like bushmeat, strong meats and zingy cheeses. Goes also very well with chocolate desserts.

Keeps : 8 to 10 years or more.

Price:   75cl  CHF  19.50     50cl  CHF  14.-

Symphonie – mix

Varieties : Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Diolinoir et Carminoir

Description : Dark red dress. Very fruity and complex bouquet. In the mouth, the fruit is combined to the aromas inherited from the breeding in oak barrel. It is a wine with a strong structure and tannic presence.

Recommended : Goes with typified or spicy dishes like bushmeats, red meats or cheese with strong personnality.

Keeps : 8 to 10 years or more.

Price:   75cl  CHF  24.-     50cl  CHF  17.50


Variety : Galotta

Description : Dark purple dress, complex bouquet of blackberrie, blackcurrant and cocoa bean. In the mouth, the fruit is combined to confit aromas of licorice with spicy notes. Aged in oak barrel, the tannins offer a contrast of velvety and virility.

Recommended : Goes with cheese, red meats and italian dishes.

Keeps : 8 to 10 years or more.

Price:   75cl  CHF  24.-

Romance – sweet wine

Varieties : Chasselas and Kerner

Description : Complex bouquet, characteristic of the late grape harvest. Balanced between sugar, acidity and alcohol, it has a soft attack, it is fruity, round, structured and has a great length.

Recommended : Foie gras, terrines, spicy dishes, blue cheese or with desserts.

Keeps : 8 to 10 years or more.

Price:   50cl  CHF  22.-

Grape juice

Varieties : White juice : chasselas – Red juice : Gamay et Garanoir

Description : The fruit and the freshness of the grape juice that flows under the press throughout the year.

Recommended : As an aperitif and in all circumstances to quench his thirst, served pure or cut with water or ice.

Keeps : Pasteurized, in pack or in bottle, it keeps without problems one year or more.

Price:   BIB 5L  CHF  24.-        1L  CHF  5.50

The varieties that you will find in our wines.

Chasselas – Pinot blanc – Viognier – Gamay – Pinot noir – Garanoir – Gamaret – Gallotta – Diolinoir – Syrah – Merlot – Cabernet franc – Carminoir